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You get 10 € for each passenger who used your promo code and their compensation claim was successfully paid out.


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Did you know?

Compensations can be claimed on average up to 3 years back. That's a lot of money waiting to be collected from past flights. You and your friends might want to know…

Get 10 €

We reward you with 10 € per each passenger with a successful claim from your code.

Doesn't matter if you are a student, full-time worker or a new mom, you decide how much you earn. The more you share, the more you can earn.

Be a part of something meaningful and help people know flight issues don't need to be a pain.

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Fill in our quick sign up form and create your account to become our affiliate partner. You will receive your unique code to share and earn money. Each successful claim that comes with your code earns you 10 €.

Joining our affiliate program is free, no application fee or charge at any time!

All you need to do to start earning money is share your code with people who fly, as they might experience flight issues (or already have) and want to claim their compensation. By using your code to fill in a claim for compensation, they qualify as your affiliate and in case their claim is successful, we will give you 10 € for each successful claim. 

Claim is successful once the airline agrees to pay compensation to the passenger. The moment the passenger receives the compensation to their bank account, we will pay you 10 € for their claim. 

We will initiate bank transfer to your bank account on a monthly basis when your earnings reach the minimum of 40 € if your bank account is within EU, or 100 € if your bank account is international. 

You can track all claims that used your code and the status of your earnings at any time in your affiliate account. You can access your account by signing in with your email and your password you provided at registration. If you're having troubles with signing in or forgot your password, contact us at

What might happen is that the airline can reject a claim for compensation due to not being eligible for various reasons. These reasons might include extraordinary circumstances, EC 261 exemptions or other. In case the claim is rejected and we are unsuccessful in getting the compensation, you will not receive payment for this claim. At the same time, we will not charge our fee to the person who filled in the claim and we will close his claim as unsuccessful, free of charge.