Additional Expenses
and Refund

Faced with a delayed or cancelled flight, you may find yourself having extra expenses. Whether it's paying for a meal or securing a hotel room, these costs can add up. While the airline is responsible for handling such arrangements, they may not always do so. Keep your receipts handy as you might request a refund of these costs from the airline, on average up to 3 years back.

The EC 261 Regulation establishes the rights of passengers when faced with flight disruptions. If your flight issue falls under the regulation, you may still be entitled to a refund of your expenses, even in cases in which your flight is not eligible for compensation.

If your flight is delayed or cancelled and you're left waiting for more than 2 hours, the airline must provide you with refreshments (or a voucher). In case you have to purchase these meals or drinks, you can request your expenses to be refunded.

If your flight was cancelled and you have to wait for your new flight overnight, the airline is responsible to arrange a hotel or accommodation for you. If they can't provide you with a place to stay the night, you might file a claim to refund your expense.

If you're required to stay in a hotel or accommodation while waiting for your new flight or travel to an alternative airport, the airline must arrange transportation or refund your incurred expenses.

Your flight was cancelled less than 14 days before departure and the airline didn't provide you with an alternative flight or transportation, you can request a refund of the cost of your ticket if you had to purchase it out of your own pocket.


If you've experienced a flight issue that falls within the criteria outlined by EC 261 above, you can file a claim to refund your incurred expenses by following these steps:

Gather flight information

Collect details about your flight, including the flight number, date and your reservation booking number.

Keep all your documentation

Have your boarding passes, all the receipts for expenses and any communication with the airline.

Submit a claim with Flywize

Use our quick and easy online form to check your eligibility for free and submit your claim for expenses refund.

Let us handle it

Our team of experts will take care of the communication with the airline and handle the entire process.

Takes less than 5 minutes

Request expenses refund on flights up to 3 years back.

The time limit for claiming expenses refund in most cases is up to 3 years from the date of the flight, but in some cases the time period might be longer.

Passengers are entitled to meals and refreshments after 2 hours and accommodation if they need to wait for their flight overnight, even in cases of Delays or Cancellations due to extraordinary circumstances. This is outlined in the EC 261 regulation.

Airlines usually provide passengers with a food or drink voucher after 2 hours of waiting for your flight in case of an issue. These vouchers are usually between 4 € - 20 € per person. In case you are not offered a voucher for meal or refreshment, keep your receipts, you can request a refund of such expenses. Same applies to a hotel in case you have to wait for your flight overnight. If the airlines can't provide you with the hotel, you may have to pay for it yourself and later request a refund of the expense. Note that some airlines have a set budget allowance on refunding such expenses, so make sure to ask how much they will refund before booking a five star hotel or treating yourself to a luxurious airport lounge lunch.

Yes, you may be entitled to a refund for reasonable expenses incurred during a delay, such as meals and accommodation or transportation to/from the airport. Keep all receipts and relevant documentation to support your claim for expenses refund.

In the event of a flight cancellation, you should contact the airline immediately and request information on the cancellation and an alternative flight. If your flight was cancelled due to bad weather or other extraordinary circumstances outside of the airline's control, the airline must still provide care and assistance at the airport and also rebook you on a new flight or offer alternative ways of transportation to your destination. In case you had to purchase your new flight yourself, make sure to keep the receipts, we can help you request a refund of expenses up to 3 years back.

Yes, you have the right to choose a refund of the ticket price if you decide not to take the alternative flight offered by the airline.

Check your travel insurance policy. Some policies may cover additional expenses incurred due to flight issues, depending on the terms and conditions. In case of a delayed or cancelled flight, the airline is obligated to provide care and assistance or refund such expenses if eligible.

We can help you file a claim to request a refund of your expenses up to 3 years back online via our easy form. For requesting your expenses refund, we charge a fixed amount of handling Fee in the amount of 25 €, excluding VAT. In case the airline rejects your claim for expenses refund and we are unsuccessful, we will not charge you for our service. We are fair and we will never charge anything in advance.